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The Main proven ways of making money online in 2021-2022

By Kristo Villem,

Director of Creative Arts Managmenent

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has been one of the most proven ways to start making an income online for over 15 years. While having had its ups and downs, it’s now gaining more momentum as more companies have started an affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing works  promoting the products and services by other companies. This a common monetization model used by thousands of companies from Spotify to Amazon.

To start off with Affiliate Marketing, there are quite literally no upfront costs. There are many options out there so proper training can go along way. If this got you hyped, here’s the program that we’re used to create a thriving business:

Self-publishing books

Various platform such as Amazon’s KDP or IngramSpark allow you to publish content on any niche that you might have insight in for FREE.  You might be surprised that to publish a book ei either ebook, audiobook or paperback format, you do not actually have to be a professional writer nor do you actually have to write the content for your books yourself. 

In fact, and you won’t hear this from many places, by using information on the Internet or blogs, it’s easier than ever to put together a book. In 2021, for the first time ever, audiobooks outsold ebooks and paperbacks according to Amazon. If you are seriously going down the self-publishing route, why not try out the software that helps you convert your books to audio format. This means there are no narration costs and based on what you read, it’s not too hard to put 1 and 1 together. See the software below.

Video Creation

Earning a full-time income using video content has little to no chance of becoming saturated since there are so many ways of marketing your content. Creating a course on a subject you are passionate about has great potential as there are many platform that help you earn a stable monthly income such as Udemy.com and Skillshare.com

Many course creators earn anywhere between  $5000 – $10.000 in montly commissions from selling their course content. 

When you’re into video creation, a natural addition to this online business model is creating video content for YouTube. There are plenty of different strategies for creating high quality content for either a course selling platform or YouTube. You might not prefer to show yourself on camera or may not like the way your voice sounds. An easy workaround this issue is the aforementioned Speechelo software.

If creating video content is just your takeaway from this article then a crutial part of achieving success is naturally efficiency. You may make the best videos but ranking them on any given platform is a big hurdle. We’ve found just the tool for ranking your videos for Youtube or other platforms:

additional ways to earn a
full-time wage online

Here are some options that You probably want to consider as additional income streams to your Online Business:

Creating an App


Selling Tshirts & Merch

Investing In Stocks

Students Shout Out

Free Coaching

Not sure which business model suits You the best? Free coaching sessions are available, one free session for any of the above models. For more information, get in touch.